Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out how I want to introduce this thing and what kind of tone I want to set. I really just want to explain my intentions so you’ll know what to expect and have some sort of context for the various topics of the forthcoming entries. Basically, my plan is to discover as much as I can about proper living and share that process with you. Or to attempt to define and embody the idea of a classic gentleman.

Ideally, I should be some level of expert in one related field. That not being the case, my hope is that the more I investigate, examine and experiment with these matters, the better I’ll be able to at least define what it is I’m hoping to achieve. Then eventually accumulate enough knowledge and understanding to become something of a solid reference point. For now, I have a loose set of concepts to build on. They're mostly based around an idea of a guy who might bind volumes of Esquire and use them the way an evangelical Christian uses the bible. Or attempting to become an expert in fine living the way an auto-mechanic, attorney or accountant holds the key to deciphering the secret language that shrouds their respective field of expertise. I imagine that eventually casual acquaintances will be asking me how to tie a bow tie, to settle a disagreement over the rules of backgammon, or to recommend a good Scotch.

I reject the notion that charm, class, sophistication and other genteel qualities are only passed on genetically or that they can be purchased. I hope that if I soak myself in enough classiness, it will start to exude from my being. We'll see.