Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cutting Back = New Growth

Transition has been the name of the game lately. For starters my employer has cut me back to 4 days a week. Combine that with a few others not being so lucky, and I am suddenly quite busy.

This has turned several theoretical plans into a reality. For one, cable is gone. Well, once I relinquish the equipment on Saturday it’s gone. So is the accumulation of clothing and other accoutrements for that matter. A few additional budgetary considerations and the family boat is afloat.

As far as gains and benefits go...
I’m getting to spend a good amount of quality time with my son, and once summer arrives, the whole family. I’ll be able to begin and tend to a handful of household projects: painting, gardening, repair, etc. I’m determined to make good use of this whole thing. I’m planning on learning a few more tricks in the kitchen as I prepare dinner for the family on my days off. I plan to do a lot more reading as well. Call me overly optimistic, but a life without television and shopping, traded for more time at home with the kids has got to be good for the soul.

Perhaps the most positive development is learning that my loved ones are happy to trade a handful of luxuries for time together. In the face of what could be considered a crisis, it’s good to know.

On other semi-related topics:
I sampled some Chivas Regal 12 year old Scotch at a going away get together. Good stuff. Unfortunately, it would be just the kind of thing I’ll have to start giving up.

I inherited a handful of ties from a departing coworker gentleman, including some choice Christmas themed ones. My main concern right now is having the chance to put them to good use.

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