Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pimp My Ride

My in-laws have a shore house in Delaware. In the garage is a Trek Navigator and a yard sale Rand cruiser bike, styled in primary blue with white and neon pink decals and a solid amount of rust. My stepson and I decided to give it a makeover.

We took it almost completely apart. Painted the blue parts army green and the shiny parts (including the spokes) a gritty hammered black steel. (gunmetal was unavailable). Once it was fairly dry, I put it back together, took it for a test drive down Rt. 1 from Lewes to Dewey and proclaimed it safe. Next move is crafting some stencils and adding a few insignia.

Sadly, while purchasing a basket kit at the bike shop, we saw a $520 custom Felt beauty that has outdone us in every way. Though you can't put a price on quality time and do-it-yourself pride.


  1. John- Unrelated to this but I found Barritts Ginger Beer at The Beer Yard in Wayne, PA just off Lancaster Ave behind the Starbucks. You mentioned you were looking for it. Don't know how West of Philly you are.

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  3. I do so wish you'd join me here in bloggy land. I am attempting a revival of the practice, among my former peers, but they are all much happier to chat with me through Facebook about the good ole days than they are willing to skip on over to Ye Olde Blogspots. Oh well...