Friday, February 20, 2009

Shamrock Shakes Are Back

It's the green kryptonite that makes Superman weak. And coincidentally it's the green McDonald's milk shake that does me in as well. It always catches me off guard. One day the sign says something innocuous. "Help Wanted" or "Big Macs 2 for $4". Then my eye is caught by "Shamrock Shakes Are Back". I swear they must come out a week earlier every year. Before I know it they'll be available before Christmas and be called Holly Shakes.

But I've been a good boy this year. Between January of 2008 and this week I've lost over 100 pounds. Seriously. The real trick will be keeping it off. But in the short term I feel I can treat myself to one deliciously minty dessert. Maybe a small or a medium just to be on the safe side. I'll give myself till the end of the month. If I can hold or drop my weight between now and March 1st. I'll stop and get one on the way home from work.

To mark the occasion, I'll wear this shirt and socks combination. I just can't resist.

I'll have to make sure not to wait too long. One year, when I was living in Hoboken and my brother was going to school on Staten Island we got drunk at the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade. Which incidentally was a full week before the holiday. We stopped at the McDonalds on Washington Street to get Shamrock Shakes. They told us they had already stopped selling them, on March 10th. My poor brother's birthday no less. Luckily I had already had at least a dozen by then. Maybe that's why I ended up with 100 pounds to lose.

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  1. I love shamrock shakes! This weekend I tried a peppermint shake from Haute Chocolate. It was like a gourmet version of the SS with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings :)