Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Style Guy

I was at the grocery store and decided to purchase my first issue of GQ. Naturally, I’d been aware of GQ Magazine. It seemed more like the flag of a overstuffed mentality than something to read, but remembering that the “G” stood for Gentleman’s, it seemed to have become a necessity. It was a wise investment, though it’s essentially just the Soup to Esquire’s Best Week Ever.

I was instantly enamoured with The Style Guy’s (Glen O’Brien) advice column. It outclasses the Answer Fella and the Playboy Advisory. Plus it’s funny.

Wanting more, but not inclined to dig through years of periodicals, I luckily stumbled upon an convenient solution. I was looking for Alan Flusser books at the library and accidentally found his. He's compiled what I assume is the best of his column into categories within a fun little book. I blew through it in five or six shits (sorry other library patrons, I was very careful).

It was a good read. Fun and informative in sort of an (Everything you wanted to know about being a cool grown up, but were afraid to ask) kind of way. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s ready to cancel their subscription to Maxim and start getting GQ delivered.

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