Tuesday, April 7, 2009

40 Day Improvements

As I mentioned before, I’ve given up Myspace for Lent. Easter is right around the corner and I am semi-surprised to find myself with little to no desire to pick it up again. I’ll probably log-in at least once to clean up any correspondence I’ve missed, but I probably won’t get back in the habit of using it. It is a bit played out to begin with, but I considered it to be a bad habit that I’ll be glad to break.

Though the 40 days of my moratorium will be ending, I see an opportunity to carry it further. I think I’m going to adopt a bit of Ben Franklin’s self improvement planning, combine it with the 40 day fasting of Christian tradition and elevate myself one long, patient step at a time.

Starting with this Sunday, I’m going to give up swearing through the 22nd of May. This will include, but not be restricted to the big 5. F**k, S**t, B***h, D**k, and P****y. Other relatives of these words will be avoided if possible, a gang of C words come to mind. And some less offensive but similarly distasteful words will be avoided as much as possible. I don’t plan on using substitute words. A friggin’ or a golly doesn’t seem more dignified to me, just lamer. I’ll retain ass, damn, and hell: though, I will try to relegate them to proper context.

It seems that my just barely one year old son is about to start spitting out words. I would prefer they weren’t regurgitated profanity.

I’m not sure what I’ll tackle after this. I’m open to suggestion. I’ve got plenty of standard issue bad habits. I’d like to be rid of them all. I just don’t think I can break them all at once, especially cold turkey.

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