Monday, March 16, 2009

Corned Beef & Cabbage

They say Irish cuisine is an oxymoron. And I'd hardly disagree. One thing I think they do get right is corned beef and cabbage. Here's an easy enough recipie. My mom makes it every year for St. Patrick's Day and it's one of my favorites.

It's actually not really and Irish dish. It's an Irish-American tradition. Most original Irish immigrants were very poor and corned beef is a cheaper substitute for traditional irish bacon. The meat itself was borrowed from their Jewish neighbors in New York. But the technique for this meal is very Anglo. They boiled it together with cabbage, turnips and potatoes. It may not sound all that delicious and it may be something of an acquired taste. My Polish-Italian wife can't stand it for example. But I'd eat it three times a week if I could. I like to top it off with a little apple cider vinegar.

I like it very hot and awfully wet.


  1. I make this a lot for my (un)grateful children. Husband (Quebeqois!) can't get enough. I throw it in the crockpot with foil wrapped potatoes (so they don't end up tasting too much of the spices) and a bottle of Guinness (less a few gulps). Lots of mustard on the side.

  2. My wife is Italian and a fantastic cook. I handle breakfast duties and defer all else to her expertise. Sadly, she has no taste for Corn Beef, Cabbage, Rye Bread, or anything else in that vein.

    What can I say, it keeps my mom in business.