Sunday, March 8, 2009


Regardless of your religious inclinations, Jesus is a fine example for a gentleman. But let's face it, there's a somewhat limited syllabus. He never had kids or a job. And He never went on a date. Even if you're swept up in Davinci Code theories, there's no demonstration of how he dealt with it.

So if you're in a challenging situation at work or you're at a loss dealing with your child, think to yourself, what would Andy Griffith do?

Andy lives in a world where everyone around him is making a mess of things and he's the cool head that's there to help them out. He's the very essence of a gentleman. Not only that, but he's got impeccable patience, kindness, common sense and wisdom. He's the strait man surrounded by goofs. And in my estimation, that's a gentleman in a nutshell. Wit and wisdom play best when you've got the high ground in personality. Be smooth, do good, exercise patience and be like a small town sherif. Be in charge of the situation but be mindful of kind justice. And like both Jesus and Andy, be an example to Opie and the rest of Mayberry as well.

You should go to church every Sunday. But you should probably tune into TV Land once a week to watch an episode of the Andy Griffith Show too. It's only a half hour.

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