Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was trying to figure out exactly what Mickey Rourke was coming back to. So I rented Diner.

Barry Levinson's screenplay for Diner was nominated for an Academy Award. The story is set in 1959. The movie came out in 1982. And for what it's worth, is a remarkable likeness for the lifestyle of me and my friends in the late 90s - Early 2000s. Levinson does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of that phase of life between school and the rest of your life. As I watched it the other day I could easily substitute myself and each of my close buddies for the various characters in the film.

Given my reccent sartorial fascinations, I was caught up in the wardrobe. Great stuff. The music is out of site as well. If someone made this movie and set it in 1999 it would be a sorry sight. They'd have to trade out the suit and ties for carpenter jeans and sweatshirts and replace the Carl Perkins and Bobby Darin with Sugar Ray and Jay-Z.

On a related note, I gave my son the nickname Boogie. It was for reasons completely unrelated to this film. And although I wouldn't be very pleased if it led him to become like Mickey Rourke's character in this move, I wouldn't be completely disappointed either.

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  1. Diner was a big hit when it came out. Everyone I knew saw it more than once. Naturally, I rented it on VHS many years later. The 80's had a few bright spots after all.