Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reversible Bow Ties

I was tooling around Etsy helping a friend find a pair of cufflinks when I stumbled upon the seller Pinch & Pull Neckwear. All of the offerings were great and reasonably priced. But what really caught my eye were a pair of reversible ones. They were even at a discount. They came in the mail the other day and they're fantastic.

I did discover that you have to flip it under your collar and start with one of each side facing out to get them to sync up. But it's not too tricky. They were also much taller than my other bow ties. At first that made me a little nervous. But surprisingly a more substantial bow tie is just what the doctor ordered. Initially it made me feel like an old fashioned bar tender or poker dealer. But before long it was a more natural size than the Brooks Brothers bow I picked up a few weeks ago.

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