Monday, March 2, 2009


Irish oatmeal (not oatmeal with Jameson in it) is actually a hard kernelly version of traditional oatmeal. It has more fiber and protein that traditional rolled oats. It's sometimes referred to as Scotch oats or steel cut oats. You can find it in the organic or health food section of the grocery store, though I prefer to get it at the farmer's market.

If you try to cook it like regular oatmeal it takes forever. Which can be prohibitive on a normal workday. What the Irish do with it is make porridge. My brother did a semester abroad in Ireland. And much to the chagrin of his football coaches, lost a ton of weight eating it and walking hills every day.

To turn steel cut oats into porridge, combine 4 cups of milk to 1 cup of oats with a little salt, mix and put it in the fridge overnight. (You can add more or less milk or even parts water depending on how thick or runny you like it). In the morning, bring to a boil and stir regularly for 5 minutes. I like to throw in some sliced bananas or raisins. It's a better move than granulated sugar and is just as effective in sweetening it up. Sometimes I'll sprinkle a little granola on top as well.

This is a hardcore filling breakfast. It's good for people getting over an illness and a great breakfast for the day of a long distance running race.

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