Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bob Newhart Show

In reccent years I've developed a distaste for traditional sit-coms. They seem to have gotten very stale and predictable. But worse than that, the majority of them tend to gravitate toward the lowest common denominator of entertainment. You can't even get one off the ground these days without a selection of boorish or manic characters. The idea of a gentleman on TV is almost a foregone conclusion. You have to jump back pretty far in time to get funny and genteel in one place. Thank goodness for the internet and thank goodness for Bob Newhart.

Take a little time to enjoy Dr. Robert Hartley, PhD. in mild, dry, reserved action on The Bob Newhart Show courtesey of

It's aslo currently running on the AmericanLife Network on Monday nights at 10:30 and is available through Netfix.

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