Saturday, January 31, 2009

Current Personal Trend | Watch Caps

I’ll give credit where it’s due. The farmer’s almanac predicted an especially cold winter. And it's no joke out there. I’ve been trying my best to carve as much style out of bundling up as I can. Sweaters under sport coats under overcoats, flaps over fingerless gloves and of course scarves have been mainstays. But one article that I initially tried to resist has evolved into something that I’m not only embracing but turning into a personal trend: watch caps.

Also known as knit caps, ski caps, beanies, tuques, stocking caps, etc., they’re everywhere. But generally speaking, they’re used in a capacity where style is secondary. Nine times out of ten I see them in combination with a puffy winter coat or hooded sweatshirt. If they are part of a fashion statement, it’s usually, “Does anybody want to start a drum circle?” or “I’m fresh out of mega-hold styling gel”. But I’m discovering that in a solid basic color like navy, gray, black or brown and combined with a smart outfit, it can be quite stylish. In the right context and arrangement you start to look like a grizzled navy vet or prize fighter.

There's a narrow space on the casual scale where you can pull it off. Dress it too far down and you've stopped caring. Too formal and it's awkward. The trick is to avoid falling into three traps. 1) The third McKenzie brother. 2) 3rd Grader at the bus stop 3) Drifter. As long as you’re conjuring up images of Burgess Meredith and Sly Stalone in Rocky or David Niven and Anthony Quinn in Guns of the Navarone, you're in business.

I just read the preface of the Style Guy's book and he mentioned that style is about doing everything exactly right and one thing intentionally wrong. I think that idea plays well into dressing really sharp and topping it off with a watch cap.

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