Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Slippers House Shoes

I've got a very Mr. Rogers shoe routine going. I put on sneakers in the morning and change into a pair of leather clogs when I get to work. When I get home at the end of the day, I go strait to the house shoes. I've only really gotten in the habit recently, but I'm totally hooked. I don't like to use the word slippers. It makes me think of fairy tales. Plus the term house shoe makes more sense anyway. Especially when I wear slip on shoes at the office. The house shoe kind of becomes a necessity of gentleman life. I mean, you can't spend your evenings walking around in your socks and you don't want to be tracking dirt all over your carpet either.

They offer a good deal of flexibility too. I can take out the trash or grab the paper. I can put my feet up on the couch. I've worn them for a dinner party and Christmas morning. I've worn them to pick up my step son from basketball practice and once to the grocery store. That's when I discovered that they do have some limitations. In my opinion, the ideal house shoe should feel like mittens on your feet but look like you can almost wear them to work on a casual Friday.

I've had this pair for a long time. So I have kind of a sentimental attachment to them. I thought about getting a pair of leather moccasins or a fancy pair of slippers. Maybe even a pair that looks like little boat shoes. But these are such a good balance, I'll think I stick with them.

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  1. hey john. sara from work here. :) just want you to know i'm reading! i don't really need to learn how to be a gentleman, but i enjoy your entries nonetheless.