Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old Spice Flavor

You tell 'em, Bruce.

Out of curiosity, I picked up a stick of the new "Swagger" flavor. (Yes I refer to deodorant/antiperspirant scents as flavors) Anyway, it's not bad. A little closer to Axe Body Spray than Irish Spring for my taste. My old lady is not a fan. She feels it smells too much like cheap cologne. That might be why it gave LL the confidence to start taking off his shirt and licking his lips.

You can't argue with that. Sadly, as you read this, I still have no intention of seeing this movie.

I'm noticing Old Spice is introducing more caddish flavors: Showtime, After Hours, Swagger. I prefer the more traditional line. My wife tells me that the original old spice flavor reminds her too much of her grandfather. I'm sure my grandfather would cringe at the idea of me using body wash or body spray, even if it is Old Spice. Though he'd be comforted to know that their after shave still comes in that classy white bottle. Not that I presume package design and brand identity were a big deal for him.

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  1. I tried sample pack of axe body spray,I feel it is suffocating.Better to use some mild body spray