Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lounge Pants

Ideally, I would have a nice pair of pajamas to wear to bed. Though it's the transition time before and after sleeping that I'm really dressing for. And at this stage, a set of pajamas seems a bit formal for most evenings. Perhaps if I was sharing a vacation house, had live-in help or simply spent my days frolicking with my stable of Playboy bunnies, then silk pajamas would be the default choice.

I'm sure the vast majority of men, even if they don't wear them to bed regularly, have a pair of plaid or patterned flannel lounge pants. Otherwise known as unmatched pajama bottoms. I had a pair from the Gap that I wore to the point of disintegration. And their replacements, though fine and suitable were a tad too large and a bit less than fashion forward. It seemed like there was a serious lack of options in the world of lounge pants. I figured I'd be replacing one plaid flannel pair with another until I died in one.

Then I stumbled upon these at a Marshal's of all places. They're made of oxford cloth. Typically reserved for button down shirts, but they make a remarkable pant as well. They're made by a company called Vineyard Vines. A little outfit started by two buddies with an inspiring story. Though, not as inspiring as the Chinese factory where this pair was put together I imagine. Anyway, they offer hyper preppy clothes at outrageous prices. I'll spare you the gory details of what these were originally priced at. They must have not been much of a hit, because they're not currently on their website and like I said, they ended up at a Marshal's.

But I love them. Maybe the transposing of traditional fabrics was a bit too clever for the kind of guys who spend $50 on flip-flops. I can't be sure. But it's my gain either way. I can't put my finger on why, but they have a very Owen Wilson quality. And between you and me, if someone catches me fetching the paper or the mail bright and early. I'd feel a lot more dignified in blue oxford cloth lounge pants than plaid or patterned flannels or even full pajamas for that matter.

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