Sunday, January 4, 2009

Money, it's gotta be the clip.

Over the years I've owned many wallets. I remember them all fondly. There was the oversized gray one I bought at a yard sale while visiting my grandparents in Chicago. There's the black leather number that was a bonus prize for winning the week 1 NFL pool in high school. Some were gifts, some were purchases of necessity when their predecessor became less than functional. They all had one thing in common They all got fat. Stuffed with library cards and grocery club cards, receipts and random business cards. At least once a year I'd have to do a complete housecleaning and somehow it would still be overstuffed.

I was recently an usher in by buddy's wedding. As a gift, he gave us monogrammed money clips. We decided that morning that we were all going to put them into action and I've never looked back. I can't say enough about using a money clip. It's simple, elegant, classy, sophisticated and above all practical. I stuff my license and primary credit card on one side and a folded wad of bills in the other. I keep other useful cards and slips in a box on my dresser or in the glove box of my car. And if I have a particularly important note or slip, I'll keep it stuffed inside the cash. That way I also have a regular reminder to take care of whatever it's for.

The best part of the money clip is pulling it out. The act of paying for something or giving a tip becomes instantly classier and getting change back is all the simpler. It makes using a traditional wallet seem almost cumbersome. Sure, there are some disadvantages to not having a tiny briefcase in your back pocket. You don't always have all those odds and ends at your disposal. But I feel the trade off is well worth it. For my money, (no pun intended) it's the way to go.

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