Thursday, January 29, 2009

Swim Trunks

Somewhere near the root of this project is a desire to grow out of habits and styles from my late youth. A lot of choices were made attempting to fit into a standard of living that no longer makes any sense. I see it as less of a reinvention and more of a grounding in sensibility. It's an attempt to peel myself away from youthfull fashion trends. The first step is to examine all facets of manner and style. Second, taking them back to the simple roots to understand the whys and the hows. The final phase will be to establish a sensibility that fits me as a grown man and hopefully a proper gentleman as well.

That said, I just picked up a new pair of swim trunks. I'm going to emphasise the word trunks, because I think it's important. They're not board shorts or speedos. Nor are they a swim suit. They're plain solid black. They're of a reasonable length and roomy enough for a grown man's needs. I think it illustrates a process that I'm trying to instill when making new purchases. As sort of an offshoot of the "dress for the job you want" dictem. I'm trying to outfit the gentleman I aspire to be. Almost like buying gifts for the father and potential grandfather in myself. I plan on wearing them in the pool at the gym and in the back yard. And occasionally in the ocean. If I enter a swimming race or take up surfing, then I might consider a different type of swimwear.

You certainly don't need to forgo fashionable designs and patterns. You need a pair of short pants outfitted for swimming that provide a smart balance between freedom of movement and modesty. End of discussion. Besides, no statement made by your choice of swimwear will be able to avoid being completely drowned out by the statements made by your bare body parts.

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